Macronutrients: The Recommended Ratio For You

Macronutrients: The Recommended Ratio For You

From a personal perspective, whenever I say I’m on a diet, people think I am dieting to lose weight or for medical reasons. This should not be so. Dieting should be seen as the way we eat, but it is a pity that most people do not care about what they eat, its components and the benefits that are derivable by our body. We are only conscious of what we eat whenever we are facing health issues, and that practice should be stopped. Let us understand that your diet is what you consume on a daily basis. Therefore, we should all be dieting as well as eating foods with different macronutrient content.

We have thoroughly explained the meaning and functionality of macronutrients in our previous article. That article will enable you to understand diet ratios. Let us learn to combine foods that contain macronutrients which are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats with minerals and vitamins to enable our body system function efficiently

Choosing a Dieting Framework

Most people don’t organize or have a suitable plan for the food they consume, and they don’t maintain foods that have the suitable combination of macronutrients. Let us understand that people today have different nutrient requirements. One of the differentiating factor nutrient requirements is age and the environment. It has been found that the body tends to adopt a particular food consumed for a very long time. That is why the Eskimos can consume a special food for an every long period with noticing any deficiency in their body

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Macronutrients need to be taken in the right proportion. This will enable all the nutrients to function efficiently. There is no ideal diet for everyone. You need to understand your body system, so you know what food to take and at the right time. Some people naturally have high oxidation level. Therefore, they should not consume food made for people with low oxidation. The way to choose a diet framework in other to get proportional macronutrients in our body is very simple. Follow these tips;

  • Have adequate knowledge of the average daily calories needed by your body
  • Understand nutrition labels
  • Eat the right combination of Cabs, protein and fats
  • Stay disciplined to achieve your nutritional goals

You should understand that what is a good healthy food for a person might not work for the order. Therefore, you should figure out what is right for you, and you go for it. Your dieting framework should be adopted as soon as possible.

Calorie Intake

Understanding calories will help you maintain adequate macronutrient balance. Calories come from different sources which are carbohydrates, fat, and protein. To adjust your intake, you also understand their calorie values. Calorie intake should be vigorously maintained because the lack of it might cause problems for the body and the access to it will cause weight gain, once it is excess, it will put enough fat in your body

  • A simple conversion of macronutrients to calories will give us
  • A gram of protein is equivalent to four calories
  • A gram of carbohydrates is also four calories, and one gram of fat is nine calories
  • Regulating macronutrients for healthy living

The macronutrients composition of your diet should be your highest priority when you want to live healthily. Most people will suffer headaches, skin problems, and have potential liver issues when they consume too much protein because the body will be unable to break adequately down energy

Our Recommendation

We recommend the suitable macronutrient composition to be taken on a daily basis; we also include the calorie breakdown to be consumed for healthy living. This should be:

  • Consume 50% Carbohydrates
  • 30% food rich in protein
  • 20% fatty foods

To achieve this, you need to interchange the sources of your proteins. Minimize your consumption of margarine it contains Trans fats. Foods with high levels of sugar should be avoided.

You will achieve good health when you regulate macronutrient consumption as recommended. Don’t forget to share this article about Macronutrients Ratio with your friends using the social media icons.

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